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Frequently asked questions
What is
How can I place an order?
How are the t-shirts?
Which printing method do you use?
What do I do in case I have a problem with the order?
What is IR_ARRIBA was founded with the desire to provide exclusive-designed t-shirts for everybody, created by them through a permanent contest in which the users vote for the designs they like the most.
This is the origin of our project Lolacamisetas, and we hope this adventure becomes more and more successful with the help of you all.
How can I place an order? IR_ARRIBA
Placing an order in, is very simple. You only need to create an account (completely free), go in the shop, choose the t-shirts you like the most and choose the method of payment. That is all. As simple as that!
How are the t-shirts? IR_ARRIBA
Most t-shirts on the store are Roly. Some LolaClassics models are American Apparel, 100% cotton, 146g/m2. These t-shirts have been specifically designed to be printed, which assures excellent results, making both this article of clothing and the printing long-endurable. On the website of each shirt is specified if it is Roly or American Apparel.
Detail of a t-shirt
Detail of a t-shirt
Which printing method do you use? IR_ARRIBA
LolaClassics designs are printed on the t-shirts through a serigraphy system. In this system, the different colours of the design are applied on the t-shirt in order to integrate the design perfectly making it resistant to washing, without damaging. Damage is very common using the printing technique transfer. You can read more about serigraphy here.
Detail of a serigraphy print
Detail of a serigraphy print
LolaFreak and custom t-shrits are created manually (one by one) using flex printed vinyl. It is very durable and tough.
What do I do in case I have a problem with the order? IR_ARRIBA
We hope you have no problems with your order, but in the event this happens, you only need to contact us through and tell us about it. We will try to solve it as soon as possible.
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