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LolaCamisetas en TV

LolaCamisetas on TV

You know when you’re watching something on the telly and you suddenly notice one of the presenters (or one of their guests) is wearing an unspeakably awesome top and you wish you knew where you could find one like it? Well… what would you say if we told you that said comely shirt quite possibly one of ours from LolaCamisetas?

Our t-shirts are, essentially, brilliant – so much so that several TV shows frequently get in touch with us in order to dress their hosts and presenters in one of our latest designs. Here are some of our most recent star sightings of our t-shirts on the television:

Likes Cero (Movistar +)

Camiseta BB8 Star Wars
Camiseta Capitán América
Camiseta cabina Dr Who
Camiseta ET Darth Vader
Camiseta Instagram
Camiseta Hora de aventuras
Camiseta Star Wars Rey
Camiseta Star Wars Stormtrooper

El Hormiguero (Antena 3)

Camiseta cerveza Star Wars
Camiseta Grim Fandango
Camiseta freak cest chic
Camiseta Espinete Superguerrero
Camiseta basada en hechos reales
Camiseta normal
Camiseta redrum
Camiseta wake me up

Zapeando (La Sexta)

Camiseta Minion Akira
Camiseta Pulp Fiction Simpsons
Camiseta Dragon Ball
Camiseta King of Throne Elvis
Camiseta Mario Sex Pistols
Camiseta Goku Akira
Camiseta Walter White Breaking Bad
Camiseta Heisenberg Blue Crystals

Celebrities with LolaCamisetas

Andreu Buenafuente, Santiago Auserón, Jordi Roca, Edu Galán, Estopa... Amazing!

Camiseta dibujo Buenafuente
Camiseta sobreviví al fin del mundo
Camiseta corazón Buenafuente
Camiseta Sex Drugs Buenafuente

Movie Berto (Paramount Channel)

Camiseta gato chino
Camiseta cerveza Lannister
Camiseta Shit happens

Master Chef (TVE)

Camiseta keep calm cook on
Camiseta Bill Murray
Camiseta día de internet

En el aire con Andreu Buenafuente (La Sexta)

Camiseta ET Darth Vader
Camiseta rosquilla Homer
Camiseta gato chino
Camiseta me arcoiris

Pesadilla en la cocina (La Sexta)

Camiseta frase Nelson Mandela
Camiseta Hansel y Gretel
Camiseta Nerd
Camiseta Fantasma Pacman