Sobre LolaCamisetas

Who we are

Hi there, we are Jorge, Mª Carmen and Paco, and we would like to welcome you to LolaCamisetas! We came up with the idea of launching our own online t-shirt store in 2006 – and with it our own line of cool, original designs – because we just weren’t convinced by the offering that we found to be available on the internet. We wanted to have a bit of fun coming up with our own shirt designs and, if it were at all possible, earn our crust of daily bread in the process. Now, several years down the line, we are over the moon to have come as far as we have, and are still passionate as ever about LolaCamisetas – if not even more than when we first started!

Where are we based?

We don’t have an actual, physical shop open to the public but if you need to come and pick up an order in person, send us gifts or simply want to swing by to pay us a visit and find out just what lovely human beings we really are, you can find us at the following address:

C/ Andújar, Local 17
18198 - Huétor Vega (Granada)