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In this world there are two types of people: those who have incredible talent for art and design, and the rest. If you fall under the first category, (congratulations) we at LolaCamisetas we would love to check out your fabulous creations!

If you fall more into the second group, don’t worry, you can flick through our extensive catalogue and get your hands on one of the coolest t-shirts currently available on the internet… Or maybe even get inspired and awaken your own inner artist :)


Here at LolaCamisetas we always go for quality over quantity, so before we can put your designs up for grabs on our online shop we need to take a look at your work and, with your help, figure out which pieces will best fit in with the rest of our catalogue. All you have to do is email us at: with some images showing us your work or, even better, send us a link to a web page where we can browse through your designs. If you prefer you can fill out the form below.

We will go over your designs with our infallible Molador2000 machine (patent pending) in order to see which of them have just the right amount of awesome to adorn one of our LolaCamisetas t-shirts. Then we’ll get in touch with you to let you know the results!

If we end up using your designs at LolaCamisetas you will need to create a user account with us so that you are officially registered as an artist and designer. Using your user account, you will also be able to track in real-time how well your designs are doing – and selling – on our site.

Here you can see the artists that are actually collaborating with us: LolaCamisetas Artists.

T-shirt designs


We don’t ask for designs to follow very specific themes per se. Designs related to cinema, a popular TV series, music and pop culture are always big sellers but we also love designs that are uber-cute, thought-provoking, spine-tingling or a touch controversial… Above all, however, we want quality designs that are attention-grabbing and original – after all, that’s what we look for when we’re picking out a cool new t-shirt for ourselves, right?


Don’t worry, the rights to your designs will forever remain yours, you just need to give us your permission to utilise them on our garments for an indefinite period of time. ‘Indefinite’ being until you decide to withdraw them from sale, at which point we shall remove them from our shelves post-haste, no questions asked.


Every time we sell an ítem with one of your designs printed on it, you will earn €2 (including VAT).


Our t-shirts often tend to make appearances on TV shows (click here to see some of the most recent), so there’s every chance that we’ll spot a celebrity clad in one of your creations too. It may not be coins in your pocket, but it’s amazingly exciting to see one of your designs on the TV, believe us! And it’s also a wonderful way to showcase your work as you show the whole world just what you’re capable of!

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