Selling our t-shirts and cloth bags in your shop

Got the feeling that our t-shirts, babygrows and/or bags would go hand in hand with the products you’re selling in your shop? We think that’s an excellent idea, so we want to make it as easy as possible to facilitate it for you.

Therefore, we can offer highly competitive prices, terms and conditions so that you can take advantage of our designs and products to drum up new custom for your store.

Moreover, if we end up working together (we’d love that!) details about your store will also appear here on our website, along with any other key information you require, reinforcing the added value we can provide to your business.

Send us an email at: telling us a little bit about your shop and where it’s located, and we will send you all the details you need in order to start stocking awesome original t-shirts designed by artists from all over the globe. If you prefer you can fillo out the form below.

Request for selling LolaCamisetas t-shirts

LolaCamisetas Retailers


LolaCamisetas Spritzart

C/ Moret, 30 - Cáceres

Material Revolution

Material revolution - Distribuidor Lolacamisetas

C/ Moral de la Magdalena, 6. Granada


Atzavara - Distribuidor Lolacamisetas

C/ Carnisseries Velles, 5. Reus (Tarragona)

El baúl de la Piker

El baúl de la Piker - Distribuidor Lolacamisetas Toledo

Plaza de la Magdalena - Toledo

La Bamba

La Bamba - Distribuidor Lolacamisetas Las Azores

Rua Manuel da Ponte, 23, Ponta Delgada (Azores)

Riot cinema shop

Riot cinema shop - Distribuidor Lolacamisetas

C/ Zaragoza 15. Almería


Móndiga - Distribuidor Lolacamisetas Melilla

C/ Músico Granados, 2 - Melilla

Soños de Papel

Soños de Papel - Distribuidor Lolacamisetas Lugo

C/ Maria Castaña, esq. Plaza Augas Férreas - Lugo

Piedra, Papel y Tijera

Piedra, Papel y Tijera - Distribuidor Lolacamisetas Zaragoza

C/ Méndez Núñez, 22 - Zaragoza